The Road Map of Namibia is available to buy as a Printed Map, and to download as an eBook.

Maps are posted to any destination except for Namibia where they are available in selected book & souvenir shops to buy directly.

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Namibia Road Map - Pages 4 and 5 are examples of map pages A & B. The double spread pages are A3 size in printed and eBook format.

Summary of the unique features of the Namibia Road Map:

*  Complete accommodation guide and telephone numbers
*  All the best "must-see" places of interest are indicated on detailed maps
*  All cities and larger towns (not villages) on maps
*  All public roads and most 4x4 tracks
*  All parks & nature reserves
*  Fascinating shaded-relief terrain background image
*  High resolution mapping scale (1:1 160 000)
*  Practical "car-friendly" booklet format - A4-size

Namibia Road Map with Complete Accommodation Guide and Places of Interest indicated on map of Namibia.


The Namibia Road Map is a visitor-friendly map of Namibia in practical booklet format with a complete accommodation guide* where locations of accommodation in Namibia are indicated on the map pages and telephone numbers of accommodation are included on the list pages. Nearly 1000 accommodation places in Namibia are mapped and listed! 


Now visitors to Namibia finally have a complete overview in one publication of all available accommodation in Namibia in the areas you like to visit that makes it easy to choose where to stay in Namibia based on your own preferences.


Detailed road & accommodation maps of Windhoek and Swakopmund are also included, with more than 180 establishments mapped & listed in both these towns together! Take note that most roads are not named to keep these town maps clean and useable, and to keep the focus on accommodation locations. Free road maps of Windhoek and Swakopmund focusing on the names of roads are readily available in Namibia that may be used together with our city accommodation maps.


All the best must-see “Places of Interest” in Namibia are indicated on the detailed road maps of Namibia.


All public roads in Namibia are indicated, tagged and categorized as tarr, gravel, graded or track roads. Most tracks in remote areas are included to give users an overview of availability, and to wet your appetite to explore remote areas in Namibia. However, it is recommended that visitors obtain higher-resolution printed and digital GPS maps before venturing into extremely remote areas. Take note that some remote areas may not be accessible, or only be visited with a special permit or under the guidance of an appointed concessionaire.


All the large and small towns that have relevance to visitors in Namibia and will be of help in navigation are included. Therefore the smallest villages are excluded to keep the maps as clean and relevant as possible.


Most accommodation establishments outside of towns in Namibia also offer camping, or will be able to guide visitors to the nearest camping place in their area. Many establishments in smaller towns in Namibia also offer camping. Most campsites are therefore not separately included in our Namibia Road Map. Visitors to remote areas may usually camp anywhere as long as it is not in conservation areas, or on private farm land, or alongside national roads.


The mapping scale of our Namibia Road Map is very detailed at a scale of approximately 1:1 160 000, therefore 1cm on the printed map is 11,6km on the ground. This higher resolution mapping scale of the Namibia Road Map allows for the use of a very detailed shaded-relief background image, which beautifully illustrates terrain features such as the Namibian escarpment, mountain ranges, Inselbergs and drainage areas. The high elevations of the interior are clearly illustrated, as well as the rugged terrain of the western escarpment.


All the proclaimed National Parks and nature reserves in Namibia are mapped, including most private reserves. Most hunting reserves are not included as most of these do not offer accommodation to non-hunting guests. Only one concession area is included in Namibia (Hobatere concession), as the boundaries of most others are unclear or irrelevant for most visitors to Namibia.


* Over 95% of all accommodation establishments in Namibia are mapped and listed.

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